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Where social media meets social good

At Social Misfits Media we believe world-changing organisations deserve world-class solutions. If you’re a charity, foundation or social enterprise with big ambitions, it’s time to make social media work harder for you. 

With years of experience across every social platform, our team works with you to deliver tactical, outcomes-driven plans that meet your online and real-world targets. In other words, we help you turn your social media into social good.

Whether you’re looking for clicks, donations, volunteers or just need a guiding hand, let us take the hard work out of social and leave you to focus on what matters - driving your organisation’s impact.

And the best bit? No jargon, we promise.

Founded by Carlos Miranda, Social Misfits Media is proud member of a network of organisations that support the social good sector, and is part of The BreweryOur sister companies, I.G. Advisors and Lightful, provide a range of solutions from developing strategy around fundraising, philanthropy and corporate impact, to smart tools for social media management.


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Training & Workshops

Set your team up for success

Social media never stops evolving. This can make it a real challenge to ensure your whole team is working at the same level. If you think your organisation needs to skill up on social, our workshops and training sessions are a great place to start. 

To keep things simple, we have a suite of ready-made workshops to choose from on everything from getting started on social, to creating great content, to digital fundraising. If you have specific needs and challenges, we can always work with you to create bespoke training sessions that fill specific knowledge gaps and energise your teams.


Social Diagnostic

An analysis of your current activity

Sometimes the best place to start is with what you’re already doing. We’ll delve into your past and present digital content to find out what’s working well and what needs a fine-tune.

Our expert team uses a range of analytical tools to look at who you’re reaching, how effective your posts and approach are, your organisation’s policies and procedures, and how you can use industry best-practices to improve what you’re already doing. And, even better, we’ll help you take the next step with clear and actionable recommendations to meet and exceed your digital targets.


Digital Blueprint

Plan for a new campaign or organisational direction

To achieve great ambitions you’ll need a great plan and that’s where our Digital Blueprint comes in. Whether you want a roadmap for your entire organisation’s social content, or you’re ramping up for a big new campaign, we’ll create the perfect plan to get you where you need to go.

Every organisation is different, which is why each blueprint is unique to you. We dig deep to understand your ambitions and the specific structures and challenges in your organisation to ensure the solution is fit for purpose. You can expect help with goal-setting, platform recommendations, influencer mapping, tone of voice, content calendars, policies, competitor analysis and more. That’s all of our expert thinking, packaged into simple recommendations, and ready to turn into impact.


Community Management

Let us manage your social platforms

Keeping your social media posts updated and engaging, while ensuring they’re meeting your online and real-world goals, requires plenty of time and attention. Which is easier said than done. If you don’t have the capacity to be active across all your social platforms on a daily basis, let our team of brilliant managers take the reins for you.

Using the unique voice of your organisation and an agreed calendar of content, we’ll ensure your platforms are proactive, reactive, timely and consistent, whether it’s for a specific campaign period or ongoing across your organisation. So you get the best social strategy on the web, implemented by our team of experts, and a performance report that’s so simple you’ll want to sit down and enjoy it over your morning coffee.

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