RT @bloodwater: @charity thanks for the follow Charity! // no prob! Thanks for the work you are doing #4Charity
#Ethiopia makes progress in ending preventable child deaths http://t.co/LEVYV99t via @UNICEFEthiopia #Promise4Children
RT @zaxmazr: @charity Please RT! My senior graphic design class is trying to raise money to build a community center in Uganda! http://t ...
RT @CARE: If #childmarriage continues at its current rate, there will be 10,000 new child brides every day for the next 10 years. http:/ ...
RT @hardlynormal: Tomorrow is the last day to apply to attend the first ever @TEDxSkidRow 2012 http://t.co/hOlpxU1L led by @LAPhil violi ...
Video: See how this paralyzed student walked to accept his college degree http://t.co/xljSrptJ via @GOOD
Here's a happy family leaving the hospital w/ their baby & his new smile this wk in #Jordan! http://t.co/ANgT3v8W via @operationsmile
RT @WorldVisionUSA: What are you most grateful for?
RT @MSF_USA: The extraction of an expat http://t.co/NNB6nVrC Trish blogs from Chad, where she's working as a community outreach nurse.
Photo of the Day: The beautiful young faces of Ethiopia http://t.co/NOGJrf6V via @aglimmerofhope

Nearly every organisation
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About Us

With almost all organisations now using social media, how do you ensure that you’re being heard? How do you effectively interact with the people - the donors, volunteers, staff, and beneficiaries - who matter to you?

At Social Misfits Media we help charities and social enterprises think strategically about their digital presence. We work with our clients to better engage with those critical to their success by creating dynamic social media strategies for marketing, campaigning, and fundraising.

Social Misfits Media was founded by the team at I.G. Advisors, a strategy consultancy that provides both individuals and social impact organisations with philanthropy, CSR, and fundraising advice.

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We run bespoke social media workshops. These range in topic from ‘getting started on social’ to ‘creating original content on a shoestring budget.’ We ensure that each workshop addresses our clients' specific obstacles and opportunities.


We design social media strategies. Social media platforms are tools that every organisation should be using. But like all tools, you have to know how and when to use them for them to be most effective. We tailor our strategies to fit our clients’ individual needs, ambitions, capacity, and budgets.


We manage social media accounts. Many organisations want to make social media work for them, but don’t have the time or capacity. We offer end-to-end social media management: from running a specific project to the digital presence of entire organisations.


Using Twitter during fundraising events can
result in 10x more money raised online.

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"About that First Tweet"

Practical lessons from the likes of Twitter, Save the Children, LinkedIn, and the New York Public Library (among others) on how best to create and implement an engaging social media strategy.

Download a free copy here.


"Something to Tweet About"

Facebook, Movember, YouTube, the Red Cross, JustGiving, and many others share their top tips on creating and sharing original social media content no matter your size or budget.

Download a free copy here.


of people "Unlike" a charity on Facebook
because they post too much.




Fundraising & Social Media

We're currently working with our friends at JustGiving on a third social media guide - this one will focus on fundraising. The guide will be available in November 2014. To coincide with the guide's publication, we'll be hosting a launch reception on 25 November in London. More details soon.

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